Patek Philippe in 18ct. red gold with minute repeater, double barillet, Swiss ca. 1898

Item No.: 7858pp
Signature: Patek Philippe, Genève
Produced: Swiss 1898
Mov. No.: Minutenrepetition und Doppelfederhaus
Size: 49mm
Material: 18ct. red gold hunting cased, hinged gold cuvette, white enamel dial with arabic numerals, blued steel hands.
Mechanics: nikel finished swiss lever escapement, bi-metal compensation balance, self-compensating Breguet balance spring, micrometer regulator screw, minute repetition on two gongs, double barillet, manual
Specials: Minute repetition is released via the crown!
Comes with the Patek Philippe Extrait of the Archives
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Condition: Movement: 1 Case: 1 Dial: 1
Price: sold
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1 = perfect condition
2 = slightly worn
3 = worn
4 = scratched
5 = damaged
6 = rubbish
Dial: 1 = original
2 = repainted