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On these pages you will find a selection of watch accessories and accessories for your wristwatch or pocket watch. Of course, we are available for inquiries about custom-made products (surcharge) at your disposal and make every effort to fulfill your wishes (if possible).


Kroko Lousiana, Reptile Teju, Kroko Aligator, Kroko Aligator or Kroko Classic. When ordering, we need the following information from you:

  • which band with the desired color number (in Lousiana semi-gloss or high gloss).
  • Bandwidth (abutment width) measured in mm between the temples of the watch.
  • Color of the belt clasp (steel or gold colors).

For each band we deliver 2 new mounting bars, matching the ordered bandwidth. For custom-made products (overlengths or overwidths) we charge € 20.- surcharge.
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Watch cases

We carry a large selection of exclusive boxes, watchboxes and cases in leather or wood.
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The elegant way to keep your watch running.
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