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Heuer Watches

We always have a nice selection of vintage Heuer wristwatches in stock and a full stock of spare parts to service and repair your vintage Heuer for many years to come.

  • verkauft
    Heuer Monaco Chronograph, Swiss
    Swiss ca. 1970
    Stainless Steel, 40x38mm
  • Heuer Carrera
    Swiss 1966
    Stainless Steel, 36mm
    Price: 12800.-
  • Heuer Monaco Chronograph, Swiss
    Swiss 1976
    Stainless Steel, 38x42mm
    Price: 11800.-
  • Heuer Chronograph Swiss
    Swiss early 40's
    Stainless Steel, 35mm
    Price: 4850.-
  • verkauft
    Heuer Camaro Dato 30
    Swiss 1970
    Stainless Steel, 37mm
  • Heuer Autavia GMT, Swiss
    Swiss 1974
    Stainless Steel, 42mm
    Price: 9850.-
  • Heuer Carrera, Swiss
    Swiss 1967
    Stainless Steel, 36mm
    Price: 7950.-
  • Heuer Carrera, Swiss
    Swiss 1963
    Stainless Steel, 36mm
    Price: 10800.-
  • verkauft
    Heuer Camaro, Swiss
    Swiss ca. 1969
    Stainless Steel, 37x37mm
  • Heuer Chronograph Gold
    Swiss 50's
    18ct. yellow gold, 34mm
    Price: 3980.-
  • verkauft
    Heuer Chronograph 3H
    Swiss 60's
    Stainless Steel, 43mm
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Already at the tender age of 20, Edouard Heuer founded a watch comptoir in St.Imier which was so well run that this year already in 1864 it was possible to move into larger business premises in Biel.

As early as 1880, Heuer became the first manufacturer to mass-produce chronographs and could name a number of its own patents.

When Ed Heuer died in 1892, his sons Jules and Charles took over the helm and created various watches such as a chronograph with pulsation scale, a car clock and the "Microsplit", a chronograph that could measure the time to 1/100 second.

The subject of wristwatches was not neglected and already in 1913 the first ladies wristwatches were made - later also stopwatches and chronographs for the wrist in the workshops of the company Heuer.

Already in 1930, Heuer patented a watertight housing and in the following years considerably increased its product range.

In 1963, the model Carrera starts and from 1969 you could buy at Heuer the first Automatic Chronograph. In the 70s, the range was extended by a few quartz chronographs.

In 1964, the Ed.Heuer and the Leonidas Watch Factory merged to form Heuer-Leonidas, Biel.

To the most famous models of the company Heuer belong, for example, the Monaco, Monza, Carrera, Autavia, Easy Rider, Silverstone, Kentucky, Camaro, Montreal, Cortina and of course the Bundeswehr Chronograph 1550