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Vacheron & Constantin

We always have a nice selection of vintage Vacheron & Constantin wristwatches in stock and a full stock of spare parts to service and repair your vintage Vacheron for many years to come.

  • Vacheron Constantin, Genève
    Swiss 1947
    18ct. yellow gold, 34mm
    Price: 5850.-
  • Vacheron Constantin, Genève
    Swiss 1940
    18ct. yellow gold, 36mm
    Price: 6250.-
  • Vacheron Constantin, Genève
    Swiss 1941
    18ct. red gold, 35mm
    Price: 16800.-
  • verkauft
    Vacheron Constantin, Genève
    Swiss 1972
    18ct. yellow gold, 47x21
  • verkauft
    Vacheron Constantin, Genève
    Swiss 1944
    18ct. yellow gold, 39x25mm
  • Vacheron Constantin, Genève
    Swiss 1950
    18ct. yellow gold, 35,5mm
    Price: 6450.-
  • Vacheron Constantin, Genève
    Swiss 1945
    18ct. yellow gold, 40x25mm
    Price: 6950.-
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The oldest clockmaker in the world, founded in 1755, is the uninterrupted watchmaker Vacheron & Constantin. Until the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, business was shining, but then most of the aristocratic clients did not stay overnight. Only through the partnership with the wealthy grain dealer Francois Constantin returned to peace.

In 1839, Auguste Leschot, the technical director, developed and built the first machines that made mass production of precision watch parts and movements affordable.

By supplementing manual work with machine production, Vacheron et Constantin revolutionized watchmaking and also made considerable progress in the manufacture of the products.

In 1880 the manufactory had the Maltese Cross protected as a trademark.

From 1910, Vacheron & Constantin began manufacturing high-quality wristwatches. The collection included chronographs, repeater watches and calendar watches - the indispensable blanks were usually made by LeCoultre.

In the 80s, the majority of shares in V & C took over an Arab oil sheik, since the 90s, the Vendome Group is the master in the house Vacheron & Constantin.