Universal Genève

We always have a nice selection of vintage Universal wristwatches in stock and a full stock of spare parts to service and repair your vintage Universal for many years to come.

  • Universal, Genève
    Swiss 50's
    18ct. red gold, 36mm
    Price: 3250.-
  • Universal, Genève
    Swiss 50's
    18ct. red gold, 37,5mm
    Price: 2980.-
  • Universal Tri-Compax, Genève
    Swiss 50's
    Stainless Steel, 34,5mm
    Price: 12800.-
  • Universal Uni-Compax, Genève
    Swiss 50's
    18ct. red gold, 37,5mm
    Price: 4500.-
  • Universal Compur, Genève
    Swiss 30's
    18ct. yellow gold, 37mm
    Price: 4850.-
  • Universal Compur Chronograph
    Swiss 50's
    Stainless Steel, 37mm
    Price: 3750.-
  • Universal Rotgold
    Swiss 50's
    18ct. red gold, 35mm
    Price: 2350.-
  • verkauft
    Universal Tri-compax
    Swiss 60's
    Stainless Steel, 36mm
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The watch brand Universal Watch, founded in 1898, pursued the goal of producing complicated timepieces, primarily with chronograph function, as well as trading in watches of all kinds.

Thanks to ambitious financiers, Universal was able to create an attractive collection of precision timepieces in the mid-30s, which was mainly appealing to the Mediterranean countries. In 1937, Universal patented the first chronograph with a 12-hour counter, particularly popular among collectors, the Compur and Compax models - the Aero Compax has an additional dial, the Medio-Compax has a pulsation scale and the Tri-Compax models with chronograph with full calendar and moon phase.

In 1958, Universal introduced an automatic model with a micro rotor - the well-known Universal Polerouter.

From 1967 to 1977, the company Bulova took over the heritage of Montres Universal SA, which also includes some tuning fork models called Universal.