Chronoswiss Watches

We always have a nice selection of new and vintage Chronoswiss wristwatches in stock and a full stock of spare parts to service and repair your Chronoswiss for many years to come.

  • Chronoswiss Chronoscope
    Germany 2003
    Stainless Steel, 38mm
    Price: 5850.-
  • Chronoswiss Timemaster
    Germany 2005
    Stainless Steel, 44mm
    Price: 4650.-
  • Chronoswiss Chronoscope
    Germany 2008
    Stainless Steel, 38mm
    Price: 5450.-
  • verkauft
    Chronoswiss Kairos Medium Chronograph
    Germany 1998
    Stainless Steel, 34,5mm
  • Chronoswiss Lunar
    Germany 2000
    Stainless Steel, 38mm
    Price: 4250.-
  • Chronoswiss Regulateur
    Germany 2007
    Stainless Steel, 38mm
    Price: 2950.-
  • verkauft
    Chronoswiss Tora Chronograph Prototype
    Germany 2005
    Stainless Steel, 38mm
  • Chronoswiss Sirius
    Germany 2012
    Stainless Steel, 40mm
    Price: 2650.-
  • Chronoswiss Chronograph
    Swiss 2014
    Stainless Steel,
    Price: 5750.-
  • Chronoswiss Grand Regulateur
    Germany 2007
    Stainless Steel, 44mm
    Price: 5650.-
  • Chronoswiss Timemaster GMT
    Germany 2015
    Stainless Steel black, 44mm
    Price: 4450.-
  • Chronoswiss Kairos Chronograph
    Germany ca. 1992
    18ct. yellow gold, 38mm
    Price: 6950.-
  • Chronoswiss BigDate
    Swiss 2015
    Stainless Steel, 40mm
    Price: 4200.-
  • Chronoswiss Regulateur eckig Rotgold
    Swiss 1994
    18ct. Redgold, 41x28mm
    Price: 4950.-
  • Chronoswiss Timemaster Handaufzug
    Germany 2001
    Stainless Steel, 44mm
    Price: 3450.-
  • verkauft
    Chronoswiss Regulateur Tourbillon
    Germany ca. 2008
    Stainless Steel, 38mm
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Forced by the quartz watch crisis, the watchmaker Gerd-Rüdiger Lang, who was a TAG Heuer employee, founded the small but fine company Chronoswiss in 1982 in Munich-Allach. Chrono- for his passion the chronograph and -swiss for the knowledge of the country where the best watches from the World are made.

Through the longstanding friendship between G.R. Lang and Norbert Eder we was the shop who received the first Chronoswiss models from Mr. Lang in 1982 and were able to sell them very successfully - thus we may call ourselves "oldest Chronoswiss concessionaire" worldwide and to this day we are also very close with the Company Chronoswiss connected.

The certainly most successful Chronoswiss watch model is the Regulateur, based on the dial of a marine chronometer, but also other Chronoswiss watches models like Opus, Delphis, Orea or the various Kairos models have become known far beyond the borders of Munich.

Of course you will find a rich selection of vintage Chronoswiss watches as well as all current models of the company Chronoswiss in our shop!